I’M Blanca. I’m a Bravery Architect.

I empower mission-driven women to be brave and HEAL their self-worth and burnout, Align with their soul’s purpose and design a business and life where they ignite greatness and authentically THRIVE.

What Past Clients Say:

“Blanca offered a lot of great ideas to both expand and cultivate my vision. It was a positive experience. I felt empowered, brave, seen and heard. I came away from our session feeling inspired and motivated to manifest my vision into coming to fruition. Blanca’s business acumen combined with her creativity as an artist provides an individualized blueprint to her clients that leaves room for out-of-the-box problem solving, feedback and guidance.”
Dr. Elynar Moreno- 
The Moreno Method

“The most memorable part of our coaching session was that Blanca made me feel understood and safe when I opened up and told her about the most intimate experiences of my life. I felt instant connection and it made it very easy to talk to her about my ideas. She was helping me in giving pointers on how to proceed with my business and to find clarity on what to focus on next. Her insightfulness and vast knowledge of the business field helped tremendously but most importantly she gave me confidence to follow my dreams and courage to pursue my passion. I strongly recommend her, she is awesome

Eva Wicha, Entrepreneur.

“Blanca is a soulful woman who allows women to heal spiritually. She combines this with a brilliant business sense. The clients that work with her as a coach will find self-healing & personal growth. Her clients become more in alignment with their core intuition while learning sound business techniques enabling them to thrive.”

Micheline Edwards- Transformational Coach.

My Approach is a Holistic & Sustainable Process for Transformation, Confidence, Joy & Abundance.


We first need to get rid of all the negative self-talk, fear, insecurities and low self-worth patterns that keep us small, overworking and burning out and replace that with the truth of the beautiful greatness we all have inside and how this relates to our purpose in life. 

My process is unique! I use art, nature & mindfulness to help connect with your inner wisdom,  develop the self-mastery help you heal from the core, build resiliency, self-care so you can align and thrive.


Once we heal, we can find what are our passions, values, calling, mission, vision, and what need in the world we have been designed to fulfill. 

I can help you align all the pieces together to create the business that aligns with you and your passions and expertise so you can have a more joyful, fulfilled life and enjoy the time and freedom you seek.

Avoid the burnout and overwhelm that comes from misalignment of your energy output, and live your passionate purpose impacting the world around you.



Once you have done your healing and have aligned with your truest version, You have stopped spinning your wheels, and are in tuned with who and how you want to show up in the world,  I will guide you through my blueprint on how to design the business that allows for the lifestyle that brings you profits, freedom and joy.

 I can assist you in setting up the business systems, clarity, and strategies where you can thrive, impact the life of those around you and the world as you fulfill your calling in life and business. 


"We First Need to Heal from the CORE, so we can Align with our Souls and Change the World"

Blanca Pauliukevicius in the "The Real Journeys of the Empowered Momboss"

Different way I can support you live and online:

1:1 and Group Coaching
Soulful Healing & Business Tactics

Uncovering and healing the mind blocks that keep you feeling insecure, overworking and feeling lost in your purpose, to develop the confidence, choose joy, aligning your calling, skills and passions with your purpose and building a mission-oriented business where you thrive as your whole, authentic and brilliant self, so you can have the lifestyle and freedom you desire. 

Soulful Live Retreats, Events & Philanthropy

I founded Eco Art Journeys to give humans the space the reconnect with themselves in the quiet healing powers of Nature, to listen to their souls, inner wisdom and self-expression through the art process and mindfulness practices so they can get back into their bodies, heal and empower themselves to lead productive lives, in joyful alignment and with a mission to serve others who are less fortunate.

Coaching y retiros de Mujeres en Español

Yo funde Latinas Empoderadas para apoyar a mujeres, a que se empoderen, para sanar el pasado que las mantiene inseguras, trabajando en exceso y no encuentran su propósito, y las ayudo a alinearse con su llamado y sus pasiones, a crear su propia empresa donde ellas puedan brillar, tener el estilo de vida que desean y cambiar el mundo a su alrededor.

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